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TCGP 57 – How is Vampyr Spelled?

On this luxuriously spacious episode of The College Gamers Podcast: Sorry Russia, no free Halo for you. I love when my games are remade for mobile and then ported to console. Vampyr looks unique, and not just the spelling. Xbox players can witness The Witness soon. Evolve is getting some new content. More issues arise for No Man’s Sky. Sleeping Dog developers are developing a cool looting game. Dues Ex is following in Batman’s steps. What games are we playing? And more! On this episode of The College Gamers Podcast!

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TCGP 56 – Left for Metal Gear Dead

On this astonishingly complex episode of The College Gamers Podcast: We see some abilities from Dishonored 2 but do robots have souls and add to your kill count? Left for Dead 3 is coming ou-oh wait, it is Metal Gear Survive. We are finely getting space combat in Battlefront. You can customize your dragon in Scalebound. Ubisoft is giving us a sports game. Taft is excited but Mike is unimpressed. Trolling just got harder in Overwatch. Ezio may be leap of faithing into your Xbox One/PS4! Creators of South Park has made a device that should never been built. We answer your emails. What are we playing? And more on THIS episode of The College Gamers Podcast!

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Readers Choice #1: John’s Adventure #1

The mud splashed up his boot. Looking down at the mess, John shook his head in frustration.

“I just cleaned these damn things,” he muttered under his breath.

He had been traveling for days now. The rain had been pouring relentlessly since he had entered this region and the cold had soaked down to his bones. He continued for a few more hours and had become more mindful of puddles on the ground and avoided them when he could. Just as his frustration was reaching a boiling point, he saw a castle in the distance. The structure consisted of a single spire reaching far into the sky topped by a steel bulwark that would protect archers if the fortress was ever under siege.

After what felt like an hour, John spotted a side road that he could safely assume made it’s way to the castle. Without hesitation he changed course and set out towards the castle. What he would tell the inhabitants never crossed his mind. The only thing that was populating John’s mind was visions of a warm meal.

When he envisioned the fluffy and soft towels, John nearly fell to the ground at the idea of being dry for the first time in days. The idea of walking on dry ground had John in such a trance that he did not notice the steps of the castle in front of  him. His foot kicked the first step and before John could snap out of his fantasy his face slammed face first into the steps.

John had to just lay on the steps for a few moments. The pain from his face seemed to pulse down his body. Looking down, John saw that he had scuffed up his clothes badly. A few spots even had blood on them from a cut or scrape. John removed the dirt from his clothes that the rain had not already removed and continued up the steps.

From this point the castle seemed to reach up past the rain clouds and into the heavens themselves. The few windows that the spire had were lit with an inviting warm yellow that made John yearn to be inside.

“My kingdom for a fire”, he muttered to himself.

The main entrance to the castle consisted of two fifteen foot high wooden doors. As he got closer he could see a door knocker that resembled the head of a goblin. John reached out to knock on the door when he was paralyzed by his thoughts. What would he tell the owners of this establishment? To allow him to take shelter in their home? He shrugged his shoulders.

“Time to put on the good ole John swagger,” he said to himself with a hint of cockiness and muttered a spell under his breath. He brushed his hair back with his hand. Instantly his face was filled with confidence and an energy that he had not had since he started this blasted journey. He reached his arm up and hit the door with three loud slams that he was sure would echo through the building.

To be continued…

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RIP Battleborn

Battleborn was released May 3rd, 2016 and developed by Gearbox Software. For anyone who played the Borderlands series, the game should feel very similar. The two games’ art styles were very similar if not the exact same. The two games share similar dialogue, both being humorous and random, and also have very entertaining characters. The game boasted a roster of 25 playable characters, each with their own special abilities and play style. Players had the choice to fight one another in online matches or play cooperatively with friends or play alone through the game’s story. The game was looking to be a hit but unfortunately is not talked about much today and it only took three months for the game to go on sale for $15 dollars on Humble Bundle. So what happened to Battleborn?


Overwatch is often credited for the downfall of Battleborn. Battleborn and Overwatch both have an impressive roster of heroes that all promise a unique experience. Overwatch lacks the humorous light hearted dialog and instead replaces it with small dialog interactions between characters that gave players a small peek at the characters’ story. Overwatch also promised a newer experience compared to Battleborn. Battleborn shared too much with Borderlands, the games even used the same quest marker. Borderlands is a special kind of game that gives the player a game experience that can’t be found in any other triple A game.The game had a new concept but lacked the feel of a proper new IP from Gearbox Software. Battleborn still has the same team based play style that worked so well in Borderlands. In contrast, Overwatch was the first FPS developed by Blizzard. Blizzard already has a huge dedicated fan base combined with two recent hits, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone. Overwatch did come out almost a month after Battleborn, but Blizzard built hype for the game months ahead by allowing Streamers and important community members into the close alpha. Overall, the PR for Overwatch was handled better while being a completely new experience. Keep it up Blizzard!


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The One With Dills

On this scientifically amazing episode of The College Gamers Podcast: Dills joins us today to talk about video games! Blizzard announced when we are getting Demon Hunters and Mike is pumped. The developers of Sea of Thieves show off their game and explain what we will be doing. Elder Scrolls: Legends has now entered public Beta. Will this be a Hearthstone killer? (Hint: No) No Man’s Sky is getting a small delay for PC players. Rockstar has something cooking and we discuss what we would like to see. We talk about some major changes coming to Civ 6. StarCraft might be getting an HD remake. What games are we talking about. A lot of off topic conversation. And more! On this episode of The College Gamers Podcast!

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Dumb Ideas #1: Give Me A Modulor Console

Buying hardware for a console player is a different experience than hardware shopping for a PC player. For most console players, the choice of hardware is narrowed down to two options. The announcement of the Xbox One S, Scorpio, and Neo has complicated this question but, simplified, a console player really just needs to select Xbox or Playstation. A PC gamer always has the option to buy a rebuilt rig but that can be expensive. For the cheapest and most customizable option, PC Gamers build their own rigs. This includes choosing parts, checking compatibility, as well as making sure everything fits. But, this allows gamers to choose where they want to put their money. Consoles could go the same style but it would take a complete overall of the way console developers build their brand.

Consoles are basically dedicated PC’s for gaming. The only difference is that consoles have very standardized hardware and software. Instead of selling console gamers an entire box, allow third parties to sell hardware parts. To simplify the consoles, companies could break down the consoles into 4 parts: The CPU, the graphic cards, the motherboard + memory, and the case. AMD already supplies the Xbox One and PlayStation with CPUs. The next iteration of consoles could be designed to use PC graphic cards. Microsoft and Sony would sell rights to companies for creating hardware. Rather than buying a new console every few years, allowing players to upgrade individual parts when they become outdated makes the transition to better technologies smoother and cheaper for the user. Consoles would be able to keep up with PC performance, rather than the console becoming more obsolete as the years pass between iteration.

Console makers would then focus have to give more attention to the operating system. Similar to how Windows and MacOS compete with one another. By focusing on the OS of the box, resources that were previously spent on hardware would now be free to add better features to the operating system. Console exclusives would instead become OS exclusives. Console makers would of course still sell pre-built consoles. Because the idea of plug and play never gets old and PC gaming is hard.

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Why Hearthstone’s Invite-A-Friend System is Broken

Last Month Hearthstone implemented an “Invite-A-Friend” system for the game. Players use a link to invite new players to play Hearthstone and the link used would bind the accounts together. For inviting one player and the invited player reaching level 20, the Original player would receive Morgle the Oracle, a (very awesome) Shaman class hero. A player gets a free card pack for each friend that reaches level 20 once the fifth friend reaches level 20. Hearthstone is a free to play card game that has been out for 2011. At this point in Hearthstone’s life, the amount of gamers that have not discovered Hearthstone is a very small number. Joining Hearthstone can seem like a daunting task. Hundreds of cards have been added through multiple expansions and it can be intimidating to try to collect them all, which is required to compete competitively. Many people may have the problem where none of their friends are interested in Hearthstone (like myself). Many Hearthstone players will probably resort to using a second personal email to create a new account and grind their way to level 20 for Morgle.

Blizzard could keep players around by incentivizing friends who are linked to play with each other. Once a player reaches a certain level, such as 20 or 30, let friends earn quest credit by playing friends. Limit this to one quest a week or unlimited quests for a limited amount of time. The level requirement and the time limit put on these perks would reduce the amount of fraudulent accounts created.

Every plan has its own set of flaws while at the same time requiring a good enough incentive for players to go through the trouble of talking friends and family into playing.

Have an idea of how to the invite-a-friend system should work? Leave a comment!

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