TCGP 64 – Dead In A Desert.

On this highly anticipated episode of The College Gamers Podcast: Let’s talk about video games people! You won’t believe what trailer this is. Holloween is in the air and Elder Scrolls Online and Overwatch are celebrating this month! Friday the 13th is coming in Spring? Strange. Lord of the Rings is finally getting Mordor? WHAT!? This Witcher 3 mod changes the art style of Witcher and it surprisingly looks amazing! Call of Duty is shaking things up with a crafting system! Civ 6 has more then one leader per civilization. Taft gets his bday present. What games are we playing? Why do I spend so much time writing these when no one reads them? Is the answer truely 42? And MORE on this episode of, you guessed it, The College Gamers Podcast!

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