Patreon Page Is Up!

Hello everyone! So, Taft and I spent the morning this morning working with Taft on The College Gamers Patreon page. It’s pretty exciting and official looking. We have all sorts of rewards for different levels of giving. Everything from added to a list of “The Most Amazing People on the Planet” to free t-shirts… that haven’t been designed yet. Weird right? It is still exciting and I am lot’s of people seeing.

To be Honest? I don’t see it going anywhere. For now..

I am not a negative nancy! However I am realistic.

I’m confident it is going to be a good while before we reach or first goal of $15. The main reason I made a Patreon page is the same reason I put the podcast name anywhere. Getting the name “The College Gamers Podcast” as many places as possible! The more places I can get our name out the better. Patreon is just another place I can advertise the podcast to be honest.

Of course if the podcast does actually start paying for its own hosting I would be grateful beyond words. Beyond that I think my head would explode with gratefulness.

But if I never make a dime from this podcasting thing that’s okay with me to! I do not want to make podcasts because I want to monetize them I make podcasts because I love doing it! Cheesy I know. But it is true! For anyone who want’s to take a look at our Patreon page the link is here.





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