Will Physical Game stores follow the route of Blockbuster? (Part 2)

Hello everyone! I haven’t had any coffee this morning… should be a fun blog post. If you are just finding this article, part one can be found here. So, after Raines professed his belief that video games will forever be sold physical disks and digital downloads hand in hand. Which alone is kind of weird. He mentioned that physical sales of music and movies were down at 40%. Not quite sure why he believes video games won’t follow?

I see physical games as still being around in the future. But will the sales be high enough to build a game store franchise? Probably not.

Now lets continue.

The retailer is also testing new augmented reality (AR) beacons in 40 stores in Austin, Texas and three other markets. The beacons connect to customer smartphonesloaded with the GameStop app, and game trailers and merchandise suggestions are made in-store based on a shopper’s individual preferences.

This is an interesting concept. I’m not quite sure how to feel about this. On one hand, it plays game trailers based on my preference. Which would be cool because I can find games I would be interested in. But on the other hand, it’s more ads being flashed in my face… Ew.

“Analysts believe there could be 10 million VR users by the end of 2016, and there are hardware forecasts of $30 billion by 2020,” Raines says. “We’re going to be the destination for VR.”

I can see dollar signs in Raines eyes as he says this. It might not be true. But it made me chuckle. Hah. Analysts believe there will be 10 million VR users by the end of 2016? That sounds pretty good. I’m beginning to wonder if VR is going to be big as people say it is or will it end up being like 3D televisions, nothing but a headache. Can GamesStop really become the place for VR? Or will they be the Best Buy of VR. The place I go to preview something before buying it cheaper on the internet. Who knows.

Geeze, it’s to early to be writing posts.

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