College Gamers Podcast Ep 14.5

Hello everyone! So, funny story about this weeks episode. My hard drive died while I was editing it. It was quite odd because the solid state drive that I have is still young, two to three years old. One partition is accessible, the recovery partition, while the primary partition is kinda screwed. Any program that goes near it, damage scan, health scan, even file explore, freezes up while accessing the partition until I kill the power to the hard drive or disconnect it in some way. Even when I get something resembling a health scan is says 100% of the blocks in the partition are damaged. Fortunately we could record a highlight episode on my laptop. Managed to salvage the sound bumpers using my mixer and an episode I, fortunately, had on my laptop. The show should be be back at full strength next weekend. Hopefully things can be saved. If not all episodes (except for 14) are on YouTube and I can go and record them from there. However, some of my very very early unpublished recordings may be gone forever. Probably a good thing.


Here is the show!

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Youtube here!

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