Youtube Channel

Hello everyone! So, the website is not quite ready to host the podcast at the moment. However the podcast has been going for about a month now. So where is our podcast you ask? Currently it is on Youtube. Not an ideal podcast medium I know. But it’s a work in progress. Ok, I’ll be honest with everyone. I am not the best at grammar and English. I’m a math and science guy. If I had to write a paper to save my life I’m screwed. Just a heads up… Anyway, yeah, the podcast is on Youtube at the moment (link should be at the bottom of this post) and hopefully when this website is a fully operational battle station… er, podcast station we can send our podcast to other podcast mediums like iTunes Stitcher, or Alderan.

Sometimes I think I’m funny…

Where was I? Oh yes! Podcast stuff. Coming soon. I’ll also post here occasionally when I feel like it. Hence the “Random Thoughts” page! Cool. Think that’s everything. See ya!


PS. Here is that link!

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